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2020 iPhones – No Earbuds And Power Adapter?

The 2020 iPhone lineup might not include as much in the box as we previously expected.

Ming-chi Kuo, the famous and trustworthy analyst, says that Apple plans to cease to include power adapters and EarPods in the boxes of their smartphones.

Kuo’s analysis was featured on various dedicated websites like 9to5Max, AppleInsider, and MacRumors.

The Decision

Apple is trying to decrease its costs that are implied by migrating to 5G technology, Kuo said.

Smaller packaging would be one solution, as it is more eco-friendly and less of a logistical hassle – A smaller package means that more phones could fit into a single shipment, which cuts down costs.

Current Status

Currently, Apple bundles each iPhone with a pair of EarPods, a 5W USB-A adapter with the iPhone 11 and SE, and an 18W USB-C adapter with the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

The news might come as a shock since up until recently, the 5W charger was the norm for Apple smartphones.

Apple is reportedly developing a 20W fast charger, which will be introduced with the new iPad models.

Kuo said that a 10.8-inch iPad is coming at some point this year, and a smaller, 8.5-inch model is set for release during the first half of 2021.

The new iPads will be accompanied by the original 20W charger, which will be sold separately for iPhone users.

It’s strange to see Apple make such decisions, but they have to adapt to the market’s demands and the current status of their target customers.

Still, it would be surprising to see the 5-watt charger be removed, considering that it has introduced a beefier one only after users requested an upgrade for years.



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