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5 Best Episodes of Can I Pet Your Dog Podcast

Can I Pet Your Dog Podcast, hosted by Renee Colvert and Alexis Preston, offered listeners a delightful weekly dose of all things canine for 7 years straight. While the podcast has now concluded, it remains insanely popular to date.

So if you’re discovering it just now and would like to have a quick skim through it, we’ve curated a list of 5 standout episodes. The episodes are arranged from the oldest to the most recent and highlight the most important discussions that took place on the podcast. Check out the 5 Best Episodes of Can I Pet Your Dog Podcast.

1. Episode 34 John Roberts and GPS Collars

Episode 34 of Can I Pet Your Dog highlights hosts’ encounters with different types of dogs. It has insightful information on Tibetan Mastiffs, in particular. Plus, a lively guest appearance from John Roberts of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ who has a lot to share about his dogs. Toward the end of the episode, Renee also explores advanced GPS dog collars in the Dog Tech segment to educate her listeners.

2. Episode 85 Corgis

Renee and Alexis reportedly went to the dog park before recording this episode so there’s a LOT of new information about a lot of BIG dogs that they met over the week. The cornerstone topic of the podcast remains Corgis. It’s a 43-minute-long episode that starts with their signature style and expands on Corgis and the latest dog tech on the market.

3. Episode 180 Mardi Gras Dogs and Pet Sitting Stories

The episode talks about all the dogs Renee and Alexis saw at the Mardi Gras Day parade. Plus, the listeners also tune in to share funny stories about all the times they had to take care of a pet while its owner was absent.

All in all, this episode promises colorful stories and insights into the festive canine world, making it a fun and engaging listen for anybody who scrolls down their Instagram and TikTok expecting to see cute reels of dogs in cute costumes.

4. Episode 262 First Dogs and Dog Mayors

In First Dogs and Dog Mayors, Renee and Alexis go on an imaginary flight and place dogs in public office holder positions in the White House. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Well, you can expect to hear about First Dogs, dog mayors, and even dog ambassadors, implying how would things be if that were actually the case. Featuring personal pet updates,  and an endearing My Mutt Minute segment from one of the listeners, this episode is paw-litics in the classic Renee and Alexis banter.

5. Episode 335 The Gold Episode

The Gold Episode marks the heartfelt finale of a beloved pet podcast. Allegra and Travis join Renee and Alexis and reflect on the joyous seven-year journey this podcast has had. The impact they’ve had on people and how they’ve been able to connect with so many dog owners all over the world.

They share their gratitude for the supportive listeners and their unapologetic shared love for dogs. It’s a stamp and a sincere tribute to a podcast that changed lives and created a warm community of dog enthusiasts — a must-listen if you’re a fan.

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