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5G iPhone – Delayed By Months!

Apple is preparing to announce a delay in the launch of the 5G iPhone lineup since the Coronavirus outbreak affected its factories.

The tech giant has held consultations on the likelihood of delaying the launch of the new smartphone lineup by a few months. Some sources who work in the supply chain believe that practical hurdles will affect the initial release date, which was initially set for September.

Sources’ Opinions

One source said: “Supply chain constraint aside, Apple is concerned that the current situation would significantly lower consumer appetite to upgrade their phones, which could lead to a tame reception of the first 5G iPhone,” which is a big concern, because “They need the first 5G iPhone to be a hit.”


As you may know, Apple’s direct competitors, Huawei and Samsung, have already launched 5G-capable devices.

Apple had high hopes for the 5G iPhone as they instructed mobile suppliers to be ready to build up to one hundred million new smartphones by the end of the year.

Monitoring The Situation

Apple is carefully analyzing the outbreaks in Europe and the United States, its two main markets that are the source of more than half of its sales.

Many Apple employees are working from home because the company is subject to the Californian government’s “shelter in place” law.

The order requires workers who are not part of essential businesses to remain home to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Therefore, precise timetables for the 5G iPhones will be known only after the “shelter in place” order is lifted.

Future Actions

It is believed that Apple will present its final decision sometime around May at the latest, so buyers know what to expect.

One thing is sure – Nothing can be done physically for the moment, so working remotely is Apple’s only alternative for the moment. Let’s hope that factories will be able to handle the high demand that will be put on their tab after the pandemic is gone!



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