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6 Tips on How to Be in More Control With Your Account on the Play Store

It’s a normal thing for us. We want to be in full control of our accounts on the Play Store. We are here to help you with these 6 easy tips:

Use a password and control the purchases

We all know we don’t want surprise purchases on our Account. Good news! You can use a password to restrict the purchases that are made on your device. It’s very important to use it, especially when there are more people using your Account.

In order to restrict your purchases with a password, you need to open the Play Store app and to go Settings, then to tap on Password. Enter a password, then tap OK.

Get your gift card and promotional code

If you’re not comfortable with linking your credit card to your Google account, then you can buy a Google gift card and get it like Play Store credit. For this one, you need to open the Play Store app and Swipe to the right on the left side of the screen. Then, tap on Redeem, and enter your code, and tap on Redeem.

Show all your app orders

Make sure you control all of your apps and your in-app purchases on your Google Account. It’s very easy to do this. Go to the web Play Store, then click the Gear icon, then go to My orders.

Add an app to your wishlist

Did you know that you can add an app to a wishlist? It’s better this way. You can keep track of the apps and have a list of all the apps you want to buy. This is how to create a wishlist: find the app and tap on the +banner that’s found at the top of the screen, and there you go.

Did you know that you can get access right from the Play Store app itself? Just swipe to the right at the left side of your screen, and tap on My Wishlist.

Show all your Android devices

Every device that you connect to your Account is used to get access to the Play Store, and every device will automatically be added as one of your devices. You can get access to a list that will show all the Android devices that you use for that Account. Go to the Play Store, and click on the Gear icon, then go to Settings.

Hide a device from the menu

Did you know that you can hide your device from the menu list? You can do this from the settings page of the Play Store. Visit the Play Store web version. Click on the Gear icon, and go to Settings. Then untick Show in menus for the device that you want to hide.



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