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7 Best Episodes of The Aquarium Guys Podcast

Explore the art of fishkeeping with our list of the top 7 episodes from The Aquarium Guys Podcast.

Hosted by Jim Colby and Robbz Olson, this podcast offers knowledge on various fish species, reliable aquarium care tips, and hobbyist insights. The episodes aren’t released on a regular schedule so you’ll have to stay tuned. If, however, you’re short on time and would like a quick skim through what these guys talk about, check out these episodes:

1. #81 – Questions & Ethics

Questions & Ethics delves into thought-provoking discussions on fish breeding, genetic modification, and societal dilemmas. The hosts Jim Colby & Robbz Olson examine the complex ethics of breeding and discuss interesting overlaps between human and fish genetics. The Aquarium Guys Episode #81 is helpful for anybody looking for an honest discussion information about fish breeding.

2. #76 – Building Business Online

The Building Business episode features Nick Neo, founder of Shrimpy Business. Nick discusses the different strategies behind the success of his crustacean emporium. He advises on selecting a niche, creating an impactful online presence, using social media for traffic, and the significance of exceptional customer service. Ever want to launch an aquatic business? You will learn a lot from Nick and The Aquarium Guys.

3. #62 – Plant Fertilizer

In the “Plant Fertilizer” episode #62 of the Aquarium Guys podcast, Les Wilson and Kyle Thaman from Cobalt Aquatics share their expertise on aquarium plants. They explain how fertilizers provide essential nutrients for plant growth. But which fertilizers do your plants need? The episode guides listeners on selecting the right nutrients depending on the plant types, aquarium size, and budget. The experts recommend a cautious fertilization schedule. Careful label reading and regular water testing help ensure optimal nutrient supply.

4. #57 – Aquascaping with a Dash of Inspiration

In this episode, the Aquarium Guys are joined by a professional aquascaper, George Farmer. The conversation explores various styles of aquascaping, the necessity of considering plant and fish needs, and the careful selection of safe materials. It advises beginners to start small and find their way toward their own unique aquascapes from there. So if you’re fascinated by beautiful aquascapes, you should listen to this!

5. #49 – Conspiracy Theories

In this episode, the hosts and guest Adam El Nashar, dismantle conspiracy theories. Yes, conspiracy theories exist about fish tanks. The Aquarium Guys discuss historical emergence and reasons behind such different widespread beliefs.

There are probably a lot more theories about fish tanks than you realize. Jim and Rob discuss IoT devices in fish tanks and how some people believe these devices may help the government and intelligence agencies spy on them. To say this episode is intriguing is an understatement.

6. #40 – Fish Food & Nutrition

Episode 40 highlights the importance of balanced diets for fish, the various food types available, and how to select the appropriate feed based on the species and size of fish. Key learnings include portion control to prevent overfeeding, the importance of dietary variety, and proper fish food storage.

Les Wilson of Cobalt Aquatics shares expert insights. He emphasizes proper nutrition as paramount for fish health. This episode is a good source of nutrition info on for those trying to learn responsible fishkeeping.

7. #30 – Pond Tips & Misconceptions

In this ep, Greg Wittstock shares insights into planning, building, and maintaining ponds for fishkeeping. Topics include types of ponds, site selection, and creating functional beauty on your property. Wittstock advises the use of various plants for ecosystem balance, on the importance of beneficial bacteria, water circulation, regular testing, debris removal, and winterization for cold climates.

The hosts and the guest also dissect misconceptions about to pond maintenance. It’s a great episode that explains how to successfully foster fish in natural, pond-like settings.

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