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8 Best Episodes of the Cattitude Podcast

The Cattitude podcast dives neck deep into the world of cats. In this article, we’ve listed and reviewed the 8 best episodes of the Cattitude podcast.

It is hosted by Michelle Fern and Tom Dock, and each episode offers valuable insights into cat breeds, health, and products. Ideal for both experienced cat owners and newcomers, this list will serve you well if you’re short on time and need to learn as much as you can about cats.

1. Episode 207 Why Are Cats So Mysterious? What Are They Up To?


The first on our list of best episodes of Cattitude podcast is episode 207, Why Are Cats So Mysterious? What Are They Up To? The episode features Dr. Kathryn Primm, a vet.

The conversations dive into the complex and intriguing nature of cats, discussing their behaviors, quirks, and how they subtly influence their human companions. It casually delves into why cats prefer dark and whether they’re scheming all the time. It’s a fun yet informative take and that makes it a good listen for every cat parent.

2. Episode 199 Vetting Your Vet

In this episode, the hosts Michelle and Tom break down the process of selecting the best veterinarian for your cat.

They’re joined by Dr. Louis DelGuidice and Dr. Brian C. Hurley from AmeriVet Veterinary Partners, who offer insights on choosing an appropriate vet for your feline. The episode also explores the top stresses of running a vet clinic (from a vet’s perspective). A good episode if you’re looking to understand the veterinary landscape.

3. Episode 173 How To Keep Your Feline Fit‪!‬

As clear by the title, this episode provides practical guidance on preventing obesity in cats. Host Michelle Fern and Dr. Julie Sanders from Heart + Paw discuss engaging exercise routines and techniques to maintain your cat’s health and ideal weight. The episode combines fun and beneficial strategies for keeping cats entertained and physically fit.

4. Episode 148 Black Cats Matter

Ever taken a dig at that ‘black cat crossing your path’ thing? Well, this episode dismantles all the superstitions and myths about black cats. Most people don’t know this but this very superstition and similar myths have contributed to the lower adoption rates of black cats.

Host Michelle Fern is joined by Rita Reimers, Linda Hall, and Pam Johnson-Bennett, recognized cat behaviorists and authors, to discuss the unique beauty of black cats.

The episode also highlights two key dates: National Black Cat Appreciation Day and National Black Cat Day. All in all, it’s a good, informative episode aimed at eliminating these ancient superstitions!

5. Episode 130 I’m Allergic To My Cat!

This episode serves as a much-needed exploration into the plight faced by cat lovers suffering from allergies. Host Michelle Fern and Dr. Kathryn Primm, a renowned veterinarian, discuss the causes of cat allergies and potential solutions. This episode offers essential insights for those who love cats and seek a solution to the allergies that prevent them from being around them.

6. Episode 98 Holiday Hazards and Safety Tips

As we scrolled down to old gems of this podcast, we were reminded of this important episode. An episode that addresses the hidden dangers your cats may encounter during the holiday season. It’s a concern that is not talked about enough. Host Michelle Fern outlines potential risks, including specific foods, decorations, and plants, that could jeopardize your feline companions’ safety.

This episode offers essential guidelines to ensure a festive and secure environment for your cats during the holiday celebrations. Listen to this so you can decorate that Christmas tree without worry during the next holidays!

7. Episode 63 Purrrfect Presents for your Cool Cats

Dogs are easy to please. Cats? Not so much. This episode features Dana Humphrey, the Pet Lady who highlights and talks about all those presents your furry feline friend may be missing out on. So if you’re looking for playful and practical gifts for your cool cats, this is your cue to stock up!

8. Episode 15 Turkish Cats

Clear by the episode title, this episode explores the intriguing history and unique attributes of the Turkish Angora and Van breeds. Originating from Turkey, these breeds almost faced extinction in the 19th century due to excessive cross-breeding. The conversation revolves around successful preservation efforts by the Turkish government and the Ankara Zoo, spotlighting these remarkable and naturally distinct breeds.

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