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8 Best Episodes of the Pure Dog Talk Podcast

Pure Dog Talk, hosted by Laura Reeves, is your weekly insight into the world of purebred dogs. Premiering new episodes every Monday, Reeves interacts with vets and dog experts and shares invaluable tips to help people nurture their journies with their purebred canines.

We’ve listed the 8 best episodes of the Pure Dog Talk podcast in this article — and reviewed them in order from the latest to older releases. In addition to interviewing knowledgeable guests, this podcast covers reservation breeding, agility, field work, and more!

1. Episode 583 Book Teaches Children How to Train and Socialize a Puppy

This episode introduces an engaging narrative by authors Giselle Nevada and Jennie Chen. Their book, “The Puppy Adventures of Porter and Midge – Out and About,” serves as a guide for children to understand dog training and socialization. They’ve broken down their own experience in raising their breeds — a Mastiff and a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who serve as the main characters.

This episode peeks into bridging the communication gap between children and puppies and teaches parents about how to develop a better bond between their pooches and families.

2. Episode 534 — Changing the Conversation on Cancer Diagnosis in Dogs

Episode 534: Changing the Conversation on Cancer Diagnosis in Dogs, is an important one and hosts Dr. Angelo Marco and Dr. Andi Flory. They talk about breakthroughs in early cancer detection in dogs. Their revolutionary PetDx’s OncoK9 test identifies cancer biomarkers through a simple blood draw. Particularly effective in detecting the most aggressive canine cancers like lymphoma, hemangiosarcoma, and osteosarcoma, this innovation paves the way for potentially identifying and managing cancer in dogs before the appearance of symptoms.

Throughout the ep, Laura Reeves’ ability to strike the right questions with doctors provides much-needed awareness about dog cancer.

3. Episode 435 Hot Topic: Are we “protecting our breeds into extinction”?

Amanda Kelly joins in this episode to discuss the effects of non-breeding contracts and limited registrations on purebred dogs. They talk about how regulations, although well-intentioned, are possibly leading to reduced breed numbers.

This episode also raises awareness that there must be a fine distinction between breed protection and preventing breed extinction. The conversation aims to encourage breed enthusiasts to reevaluate their practices.

4. Episode 390 Mastitis: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

In this episode, Dr. Marty Greer in a special Veterinary Voice segment discusses the sudden and potentially deadly condition of mastitis in lactating canines. Plus, their conversations uncover the origins, prevention strategies, and effective treatment options for this infection, providing crucial insights for breeders and dog owners in managing the health of their breeding dogs.

5. Episode 320 You ARE What You Eat and So is Your Dog

Laura Reeves hosts Dr. Diane Brown in this episode. She’s the AKC Canine Health Foundation‘s CEO. Dr. Brown discusses groundbreaking research on the gut-brain axis. The episode also explores the interplay between a dog’s gut microbiome and its brain, shedding light on neurologic diseases such as canine epilepsy. Listen to this and get in-depth insights into how nutrition directly influences your dog’s health and well-being.

6. Episode 219 Positive Solutions for Canine Aggression Issues

In Episode 219 of Pure Dog Talk, canine behavior counselor Lisa Moore offers positive reinforcement strategies for managing common canine aggression issues like fear aggression and leash reactivity. She emphasizes one the importance of understanding your dog’s behavioral cues, maintaining patience, and avoiding punishments when dealing with aggression. A good episode to listen to for expert advice on safely managing reactive dogs and improving your dog’s well-being for good.

7. Episode 97 First Aid for Dogs: Bloat, Shock, Heatstroke and Snakebite

As we move down toward some of the older episodes, Laura Reeves dives had dived into this vital first-aid knowledge for dog owners. Joined by Dr. Cynthia Heiller, DVM, they discuss how to identify and respond to critical conditions like bloat, internal bleeding, heatstroke, and snakebite.

Their conversations also highlighted the common yet deadly issue of foxtails. Understanding these emergency situations and the immediate actions to take can significantly increase your dog’s chance of survival.

8. Episode 12 Test Your Dog’s Instincts – Wonderful World of Dog

In Episode 12 of Pure Dog Talk, the topic is canine instincts. It will help you explore the different ways to test and play with your dog’s innate abilities and measure them against other dogs. Tune into one of the first episodes of Pure Dog Talk to discover how your dog’s natural instincts, honed over hundreds of years, remain potent even today!

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