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How To Block Specific Websites In Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser is known for its wide selection of useful features like instant translation for whole pages, opening tabs as incognito, organize bookmarks as you wish in folders, launch websites from the start menu, and so on. Chrome is easily in the topmost used browsers available, and it won’t get down from that position very soon.

While access granted for many useful websites is available for Google Chrome, the browser can also block certain websites if you need it.

Kids watching adult content? Of course, nobody wants to see his child watching adult content online, and blocking websites that offer such things may become mandatory in this kind of situation. You can do that in the PC version of Chrome by adding an extension. Let’s see the steps required!

How To Block Specific Websites In Google Chrome

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser. Head for the search engine and try to find the Chrome web store. Click on the link that allows you to access the store.
  2. While you’re on the website, you’ll see a box that says ‘Search the store’. Type in ‘BlockSite’ in that box.
  3. The extension you need is BlockSite – Website Blocker for Chrome, but it’s true that you can also find alternatives.
  4. Select the Add to Chrome option. A pop-up window should appear, and you’ll have to further select the Add extension.
  5. Your download will begin and you’ll have to agree with the privacy policy.
  6. A new page will open for you, and you’ll find a box where you can type in the URL of the websites you want to block.
  7. Type in as many adult content websites you want, or other pages you wish to block. After each address, you’ll have to select the green plus icon on the right side to make sure they are submitted.

If you’re willing to block webpages for the Android version of Chrome, you’ll just have to search for the BlockSite app within the Google Play Store. The process of adding websites to the blacklist is mainly the same. Blocking specific websites in Google Chrome is not something exotic at all, and you should use the option any time it seems mandatory.



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