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Google Play Store 19.7.22 Update Launched With Bug Fixes And Improvements

The introduction of smartphones was a great step forward for technology as they can perform many handy tasks that make life more convenient.  Many people who own an Android smartphone are familiar with the Google Play Store, which serves as a central hub for the platform.

The Google Play Store features a wide assortment of content, among which we can include exciting games, useful apps, and books that can keep the users busy for a long while.

About Google Play Store

Veteran users will remember the days when the storefront app was the Android Market, introduced as an answer to the App Store offered by Apple on iPhones. Both apps played an important role in the creation of well-developed ecosystems on their respective platforms.

The main boon offered by a storefront app is represented by the fact that the download and installation process has been streamlined for the comfort of the user. Instead of browsing several sites to track down relevant content, the users found many apps, games, and other content organized under specific categories.

Android Market became quite popular among many Android users as paid, and free content was available. However, the app became a bit cluttered as time passed, and Google decided that a revamp was needed. In 2012 the Android Market vanished after a final update replaced it with the Google Play Store.

What’s new in the latest Google Play Store update

Google Play Store came with several changes that improved the user experience. The user interface was revamped to improve access to relevant content, and it is easy to track down what you want with the help the of the dedicated search window.

A major update released in 2019 brought the anticipated Material Theme design to the app, a move that was appreciated by many users as it now looks better than ever. The new Google Play Store 19.7.22 update comes with new stability improvements.



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