April 2020 Comes With the Best Deals out There for iMac

If we are to think about iMac, Apple comes with two different versions of the desktop computer. We have the classic iMac and the iMac Pro. The classic iMac was…

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god of war 5

God Of War 5: Release Date and What We Can Expect from the Game

With a long history of 15 years, the God Of War game franchise created by David Jaffe at Santa Monica Studio from Sony is now awaiting its fifth installment. God…

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iphone 11 screenshot

How to Take an iPhone 11 Screenshot

You probably already know how to screenshot. It’s somehow necessary to know such stuff, either for fun or some significant purposes. But how about taking an iPhone 11 screenshot? Imagine…

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Xbox Scarlett “Anaconda” to Launch With the Best Specs in the Series

Xbox Scarlett is rumored to hit hard the market and to introduce one of the best performance features so far. From its CPU to its RAM, the console will be…

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Chrome Will Start Labelling Slow Sites and Inform Users About Them

Those websites that load slowly because their code is done poorly could be marked by Google’s Chrome browser. Google has stated that they were working on several “speed badging” systems,…

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