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Everything You Need to Know About the Monkeypox Outbreak

With more than 17,000 confirmed cases of monkeypox worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the monkeypox outbreak a global health emergency. This classification is the highest state of alarm that the WHO can declare for a disease or virus. Monkeypox is typically concentrated in central and western Africa, where the disease is endemic. However, experts fear that monkeypox will soon become more rampant in the United States and Europe. Here is everything you need to know about monkeypox and how to protect yourself.

How Does Monkeypox Get Transmitted?

The disease is typically transmitted through close contact with an infected person or animal for a prolonged period of time. This infection can spread by way of lesions, body fluids, or respiratory droplets. People can also become infected by coming in contact with infected clothing or bedsheets.

Telltale Symptoms of Monkeypox

There are several telltale signs that indicate someone has contracted the disease. Those infected with monkeypox may first encounter symptoms such as fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes, and muscle aches. Then comes the development of “pox,” or a rash that spreads across the face and body.

The most severe cases tend to occur in children, pregnant women, or those with weaker immune systems. Thankfully, Monkeypox is not a serious virus, and recovery usually happens within two to four weeks without the need for treatment. Also, scientists say that monkeypox is much less contagious than viruses such as Covid-19. However, the severity also depends on which strain of the disease has been transmitted. The monkeypox strain responsible for the current outbreak in the U.S is the West African variant which has a fatality rate of between 1 and 3 percent. This variant is significantly milder than the Congo Basin strain, which has a fatality rate of 10 percent.

How the Monkeypox Outbreak Is Being Treated

Since monkeypox and smallpox come from the same family of viruses, vaccines and antiviral drugs previously developed for smallpox can still be used to fight monkeypox. Two vaccines have been approved for preventing the spread of monkeypox in people who have already been exposed to the virus. The Jynneos vaccine was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention of Monkeypox. The ACAM2000 vaccine was approved by FDA for use against smallpox but can also be used to protect against monkeypox.

Substance Abuse on the Rise During COVID-19 Pandemic


While 2018 was the first year in a decade to see substance abuse rates go down, the recent trend is less promising. 2020 has seen an increase in drug use, both legal and illegal.

Many experts attribute the sudden uptick in drug addiction to the coronavirus pandemic. The following is a breakdown of why these two things are related:

Uncertainty Creating Tension

The uncertainty everyone is feeling right now can make you feel tense. Some folks are not only feeling stressed but are also scared. Some are upset to levels they’ve never felt before. The United States has not handled the pandemic as many other developed countries have. Congress has not passed anything that gives Americans a sense of security. This uncertainty is forcing some folks to feel desperate. Drugs can offer an opportunity to escape, which is probably another reason why some people are abusing substances.

Spotting an Addiction is Challenging

Another reason substance abuse might be on the rise could be because loved ones and friends can’t recognize the signs. A lot of people don’t know this, but the indications of addiction aren’t always obvious. What’s more, the pandemic has many folks feeling depressed and anxious about their situation, potentially masking substance abuse when it occurs. As a result, the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal and other signs of drug abuse are sometimes difficult to spot. People struggling with addiction are at higher risk of falling between the cracks during times like these.

Stress Due to the Pandemic

You can’t do anything about the pandemic in this country besides practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and cleaning your hands well. You could also call your senators to pressure them to act. All of this can feel overwhelming, and it is. It feels like this pandemic is on your shoulders. Experts are saying that this kind of pressure can lead some people to start or continue to abuse drugs. Folks who haven’t reached that point should be conscious of this stress and do something to reduce it. Yoga and other similar physical activities can help reduce your stress.

Social Distancing is Difficult

Social distancing may be effective, but it’s also making people feel alone. A person dealing with substance abuse needs support right now. Loneliness doesn’t help a person feel supported. It could cause some of these folks to make the mistake of abusing a substance to feel better, according to studies. Yes, a lot of people are trying to redefine communication right now using telephones and video calls, but these aren’t working too well. Friends and family can offer love when they are near you, but they can’t do that now. Try your best to increase those calls if needed, and be honest about what you are feeling with your friends or family members.

People are Bored

Being cooped up at home, and not being with others can hurt. Some folks are quite social and don’t know how to deal with being stuck at home and not doing anything. In many states, bars, movie theaters, amusement parks, and many other entertainment venues are now closed or operating under limited capacity. Under these circumstances, some people feel like the only way to alleviate boredom is through drug use.

Hopefully, medical and psychological professionals work with the government to find a way not only to curve this trend but help those who’ve been affected. The US cannot handle other epidemics along with this pandemic.

The Eddy Season 2 Update – Current Status of Possible Air Date

Netflix is continuously expanding its list of great shows that present amazing and unique stories. Back in 2020, the musical drama genre was introduced by the giant. Jack Thorne is the mind behind the series, and it includes stars like Leila Bekhti, Adil Dehni, Tahar Rahim, and André Holland.

Randy Kerber and Glen Ballard composed the music. The show depicts a French club owner and his story of managing the live music venue during Paris’ evolution.

The series registered decent reviews for story, acting, and soundtrack.

Some fans are wondering if we will ever receive a second season.

We are here to show you all that’s known currently.


Unfortunately, there’s no official update from Netflix about a second season for the musical series.

Therefore, The Eddy is momentarily not renewed. However, that doesn’t exclude the possibility of obtaining another season, maybe in miniseries.

It was too well-received for Netflix to ditch it.

A serious fan base asks for a new season, so Netflix might choose to release a new season.

Possible Air Date

If Netflix agrees to extend the series with a new season, then it will probably be released either near the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022, because filming and editing are time-intensive tasks.

What You Should Know

Here are the celebrities that we expect to see in the cast of the second season of The Eddy: André Holland as Elliot Udo, Leïla Bekhti as Amira, Joanna Kulig as Maja, Tahar Rahim as Farid, Adil Dehbi as Sim, Randy Kerber as Randy, Ludovic Louis as Ludo, Damian Nueva Cortes as Jude, Lada Obradovic Katarina, Jowee Omicil Jowee, and Amandla Stenberg as Julie, Elliot’s daughter.

Stay tuned to learn more details about the possible second season, as soon as its creator chooses to publish them!

Coffee Pulp Might Be the Key to Reforestation

Ecological Solutions and Evidence has published a new study exploring the potential of natural organic byproduct for accelerating tropical forest recovery. The study finds that coffee pulp might not only be a more effective fertilizer than previously thought, but it could very well be the key to mass reforestation.

While coffee pulp has long been proposed as a solution for soil degradation in tropical forests, according to researchers Rebecca J. Cole and Rakan A. Zahawi, there is a lack of data on the practical applications of coffee pulp for soil amending.

The two conducted the study on two plots of land in Costa Rica. Both plots were previously used for coffee production and experienced severe deforestation beginning in the 1950s. In 2018, Cole and Zahawi added a half-meter layer of unprocessed coffee pulp to one plot; the other plot was left untreated to serve as the control. The research team then monitored and measured vegetation coverage, tree growth, and soil composition in both plots over the course of two years.

The team found that the study plot treated with coffee pulp showed greater plant diversity, soil quality, and four times the canopy cover compared to the control plot. Trees and shrubs were 30 times the diameter of those in the control group, with four times the canopy height and 20 times the stem density, too. Soil composition measurements found that the study plot contained significantly higher concentrations of carbon, phosphorous, and nitrogen.

Cole and Zahawi emphasize that although these results are promising, more research at different sites around the world would strengthen the case for coffee pulp as a viable and practical solution for soil degradation and deforestation. Similar studies with other types of agricultural byproducts would also allow for comprehensive comparative studies that could benefit both agricultural industries and reforestation efforts at once.

Dragalia Event Brings New Features and Monster Hunter Stuff


A unique event-themed Dragalia Digest has been introduced recently, promising a lot of new and unexpected stuff. The event came with brand-new details about some things that will shortly appear to the game. Such an item will be introduced after the 1.15.1 version upgrade.

So, the Agito Uprising will appear to Dragalia Lost. The newest mode will arrive on 12/25. Bonuses and rewards from the Agito Uprising will be utilized to develop brand-new Agito Weapons. The items are said to come with a six-star rarity range.

The upgrade will also bring to some adventurers an extra sixth Mana Circle. The item will let them level up to 100 and awarding them some additional updates to their skills. Moreover, Mana Circle will introduce Cassandra, Aurien, Naveed, Karl, Ezelith, Alain, Xania, Botan, Euden, Aoi, Joe, and Renelle.

Dragalia Event Brings New Features and Monster Hunter Stuff

Prize Showcase will arrive on Christmas, letting players summon some unique prizes. Such things will bring rare items and other stuff, including Damascus Ingots, Sunlight Stones, Golden Keys, and many more. Players will also enjoy a daily free Tenfold Summon Event from December 25 to December 31.

There is a total amount of 80 free summons. Players are advised to plat unique quests from Cleo during this event. They could clean up some things around the Halidom and will get, too, rupies and other items. Hinomoto will allow players to earn some Lucky Letters, which will bring exclusive rewards.

The New Year’s raid event will introduce a new cast of characters and a new Raid Boss. The version 1.15.1 upgrade also includes some upcoming features, such as an adjustment to the shop’s design, the skill of changing teams when picking a co-op room. Moreover, players will enjoy an extra expert difficulty for Void Battles, and the ability to utilize the new auto-repeat option during facility events. Ultimately, the Goodie Box will be packed with 500 Wyrmite, 3 Champion’s Testaments, and 30,000 Eldwater.

The New Coronavirus, Covid-19, Could Become The Deadliest Virus Ever


Although a new trend of the virus seems to say that the number of new cases of Covid-19 is going down, it can’t be considered a step closer to the end of it. For the past 14-days, the number of new cases reported has fallen outside the epicenter of the outbreak. The new coronavirus might change its turn and burst again, possibly even more fiercely. One can never know what course it might take, so al the precautions must remain active.

Statistics don’t help to understand the dramatism of the new pandemic. While the mortality rate of Covid-19 is smaller than the two former killing viruses, SARS and MERS, the number of individual deaths is overwhelmingly higher: over 1800 people. Only five of the deaths occurred outside China.

That is higher than the number of victims SARS and MERS together. 774 deaths caused by SARS and at least 828 by MERS. If one looks at the rates, it might believe that Covid-19 is gentler than its relatives: 2.3% mortality rate of Covid-19 as opposed to 9.6% that of SARS or the 35% that of MERS.

The new coronavirus, Covid-19, spreads faster than flu and SARS

Influenza kills 290,000 to 350,000 each year, but its mortality rate is 0.1%, as it infects millions of people. Covid-19 spreads at full speed, more than 72,000 infected people were reported. This makes it the most contagious virus of the three. Confirmation of infection has been also made on asymptomatic patients. One of the most exposed parts of the population is the medical staff: over 3000 cases of infection.

Also, 889 people showing no symptoms caught the virus, and that poses even more threat to the healthy population. Older people, as well as the ones with cardiovascular affections, are the ones highly exposed to the fatality of the illness, studies reveal.

“In 2% of reported cases, the virus is fatal, and the risk of death increases the older you are. We see relatively few cases among children. More research is needed to understand why,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of WHO.