A Massive 656-Ft Asteroid Passed by Earth Earlier

A massive space object has been detected, and researchers think it is the nearest approach to Earth in 55 years. The asteroid, estimated to be more extensive than the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, will move past Earth later today, according to NASA.

Also, the considerable rock won’t harm our planet, because it will fly at a secure distance of almost 4.4 million miles. While a possible encounter is still determined as a close brush in astronomical terms, NASA ensures that we shouldn’t worry at all. The massive space object shows no threat to Earth and will perilously rush past us as it goes around our host star.

Giant Asteroid Pass by Earth

The space object which resembles a pyramid in size has been dubbed 2015 BK509. As its title indicates, the asteroid was initially detected back in 2019 and has been on NASA’s radar and close observations since then.

It is also classified as an Apollo-type asteroid, a category of cosmic features that can pass our planet’s orbit as they move around the solar system – and has been widely watched over the last five years. Researchers have examined the space object’s position over the sky to measure its orbit over 156 checks. The last one involves 2015 BK509.

Scientists observed the approach of the massive asteroid

Orbital information collected by NASA’s JPL (the Jet Propulsion Laboratory) displays that 2015 BK509 moves around our host star every 1,25 years, continually passing by our planer. Sometimes, it goes around Venus, as well.

Yesterday’s encounter, however, allowed scientists to witness how the asteroid got close to Earth at a velocity of only under 28,000mph. NASA forecasted that the space object was at its highest point to Earth at 7:29 PM ET when it whirred our planet from approximately 18.6 times the length between our planet and the Moon.

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