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A New Game or Sequel for God of War Could be Under Works

God of War is among the top most popular games available for PlayStation, more so after the reboot it received in 2018. The new title took Kratos to Midgard after he wrecked the world of the Greek gods in the third sequel of the series.

The game sold more than ten million units, and that not a small task for an exclusive title, more so when it had to compete with insanely popular titles such as Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Uncharted. The ending for God of War 2018​ was a nail-bitter one, and fans were eager to see what would happen next.

Now, as the PlayStation 5 will launch soon on the market, it is about time that we receive some news about the series and what it would bring.

Is a New Sequel Under Development?

Not long ago, news about Godfall got to the game’s fans, stating that it would be released for the next-generation PlayStation 5. Now, a new tweet from Santa Monica Studio, the developers and publishers of the God of War​ series, has made fans speculate whether a new God of War​ game or a sequel to the 2018 reboot is under works.

The tweet notes that the studio is looking to hire a locomotion director, associate producer, lead design tools programmer, and a few other positions were also mentioned. There is no official announcement from the gaming studio regarding a God of War​ release, but fans say there is a subtle hint that the new positions are available due to the preparations of a new sequel for the game.

Numerous speculations have also been made regarding a new game titled ‘Project Z,’ apparently under development at Santa Monica Studio. The moniker could be a new IP or a codename for an ongoing project.

A sequel of God of War​ 2 could actually be under works, but it is up to Sony to make an official announcement regarding it.



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