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A PS5 Reveal Event Is Happening, and We Know All About It

PS5 fans will finally learn more about the next PlayStation console from Sony. There is a steam which will be held next week when we will hear more about the future of gaming. The event will take place on Thursday, on the 4th of June, at 9:00 PM BST. There’s also a teaser video on the Internet, which suggests the existence of a black DualSense controller. We have seen the DualSense controller before but in white. 

Sony has confirmed that the event will last for an hour and that it will tell us all the PS5 free games coming after its launch. 

CEO Jim Ryan has detailed more about what we should expect at the PS5 reveal event: “There are few things as exciting as the launch of a new console. While this road to launch has been a bit…different, we are as thrilled as ever to bring you with us on this journey to redefine the future of videogames. We’ve shared technical specifications and shown you the new DualSense wireless controller. But what is a launch without games?”

He then said that he is very excited to share all the news with us and that he’s looking forward to showing us all the secrets of these games. He continued with the fact that the games that are coming to PS5 will show the best in the industry. Studios have all been working very hard developing the games coming to the console. This event shows how they had to think differently – they had to since there had not been physical event happening for a few months now – and how they allow players to enjoy with them what PS5 means. He then promised fans that, after this event, they will have much more to share with all the fans around the world. 



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