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A Short Review on Opera Mini and Whether it is Worth Using

Opera Mini developers have released a new update for the mobile browser, which packs a handful of useful features. The browser is quite popular due to the data-saving features and unique customization functionalities. It is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Opera Mini’s Design

With a clean and smooth design, Opera Mini feels fresher and lighter than most of the other browsers on the market. For a little bit of comparison between the UC Browser and Opera Mini, the latter has a cleaner interface, but not so many tools as the Chinese search engine.

The main interface of Opera Mini is rather intuitive, and users have access to the night mode feature, which makes it more comfortable for the eyes.

Opera Mini’s Modes

When used on the iPhone, the browser offers three different modes: Opera Mini, Opera Turbo, and Off Mode. The search engine does a great job at speed and data saving when on slow connections, offering numerous settings to choose from in order to maximize your experience.

With Opera Mini, you can view pictures in a low resolution in order to save data; simply head to the browser’s ‘Advanced’ settings and change the image resolution. You can also choose not to load images, which is a good thing when you run on an incredibly slow connection.

On Android, users can use the Extreme Mode. Similar to the Turbo variant helps with data savings and speed on weak connections. The video boost and image functionalities run in an identical manner as on iOS, and you can always turn off the mode when intending to browse without the data saving features. The video boost on Turbo mode enables you to play videos in a faster manner, compressing the resolution of the content so that it plays smoothly on slow connections.

The Off Mode on Opera Mini allows you to disable all the data savings, and it is made for when you run on a fast data connection. It is perfect to use at home or at the office while using a Wi-Fi network.

Other Unique Features

Opera Mini offers the possibility to customize the browser: you can change the main language, add favorite websites to the main page, and more.

The browser also comes with a news feed filled with news on all types of categories, from global affairs to entertainment and business. This feed can also be customized as per your likes. The content is usually personalized to the country you’re from, but you also get region-specific news, so you’ll find stories from different parts of the world as well.

The Bottom Lines

If we were to compare UC Browser with Opera Mini, we would rather say it is a matter of likes; if you prefer having a lot of features to choose from, UC Browser does better on this category, but if you’d like a more minimalist approach, Opera Mini is the ideal browser to use.

Opera Mini is faster than most other available browsers and consumes less mobile data. It also comes with various customization features, which is an appealing factor.



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