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Adobe Flash Player Version – Is It Still Worth It?

Adobe Flash Player is one of the most popular browser plug-ins of all times!

It used to be known as Shockwave Flash. It’s a service that allows us to use content created for the Adobe Flash platform, including multimedia content, rich Internet applications, audio, and video streaming.

Flash Player used to be one of the fundamental components of web browsing many years ago.

Flash Player runs SWF files that can be made with Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Flash Builder, or other third-party solutions like FlashDevelop.

Flash Player is compatible with vector graphics, 3D graphics, embedded audio, video and raster graphics, and ActionScript.

Most browsers of nowadays come bundled with Adobe Flash built-in.

End Of Support

Unfortunately for fans and nostalgics, Adobe announced that they would end support for Flash Player on December 31, 2020, in July 2017. The company encourages using open HTML 5 standards instead of Flash.

Therefore, if you are an intense user of Flash Player (which is more of a niche service now), you should begin searching for alternatives to Adobe Flash.

Microsoft announced one year ago that they would remove Flash altogether from all browsers via Windows Update.

Current Version

Flash received multiple updates through its service life.

Each new update fixed specific problems, added new features, or polished the experience.

The service has just reached version

You can download the latest version for free right now!

Make sure that you get a version compatible with your operating system and computer.

The latest release notes read:

“In today’s scheduled release, we’ve updated Flash Player with important bug fixes.”

Though the notes aren’t very expressive, we are positive that the developers worked hard to improve the experience.

It’s a bit sad to know that Flash Player is nearing its demise, but that’s how the technology works – obsolescence is a thing!



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