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All There Is to Know About Guns and Missions in GTA V

GTA V has always been a challenging game. Sometimes, with a little help, you might realize that it is not that hard. Here is all you need to know about guns and about missions.

All there is to know about guns

GTA V is fun because it allows you from the very start to gather your weapons. After you get them in your inventory, they will stay with you no matter what. The GTA series focuses on Ammu-Nation, and you can find them everywhere in Los Santos. Keep in mind that all of them cost money – gun modes and guns and ammo. But there is one exception: Trevor gets all of its weapons from the local Ammu-Nation from Sandy Shores. When you play him, you will still have to pay for ammo, for the armor, and for the mods.

Here is a life hack: if you need to pick up multiple weapons of the same type, hold down LB on your console – this will show you the radial weapon wheel. Choose the class that you want, and then use the left and right buttons in order to search through the class.

All there is to know about missions

There’s a clear line between critical missions and optional missions. You will find all the optional missions under the “Stranger and Freaks” heading, and all of them appear on your minimap with question marks. Each of them has a different color for each character. These missions have their own plot. After you meet a specific character for the very first time, all the mission markers in their storyline are found on your map with a question mark and the first letter of the character that gave you the mission.

You can find out how many missions your characters have if you press and hold the down button from the D-pad. You will see a number over every portrait of the character. The number is the one that shows how much new mission there are for each character.



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