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All You Need to Know About Tiktok Before You Start Using It

TikTok has rapidly become one of the most famous apps on the internet. It has its competition, but it has managed to be above all of them all the time. The interface is something fresh to the market – it allows you to create videos of 15 to 60 seconds, and this is why many people are attracted to it.

Many people install the app to see the work of others, but we are here to help you in case you want to start your new account.

You can hide your liked videos

All the people that are visiting your profile can see what videos you have liked. Most of us don’t really have a problem with that, but some may want to keep their activity private. We can help you with this matter. Go to Settings, then press on Privacy and safety button. There’s an option there saying “Who can view your liked videos.” All you need to do is to set it to Only me. This is a great way to maintain your privacy.

Get in control of the TikTok Login

You have probably logged in to your account on someone else’s phone. And you probably forgot to log out. It happens a lot, trust us. You can manage the list of the devices where your account is logged-in. Go to Me from the home screen, and then tap on the Manage My Account. You will then see an option that says Security – you should tap on it. This is where you’ll get a list of all the logged-in devices. You can log out of any device that you want from that list.

Remove unwanted videos

The platform has a lot of videos on it – good and bad. This means that you won’t necessarily get the best content every time you look in the recommended section. You can solve this issue by enabling the restricted mode in the app. Go to the Me button, then click on the menu and press on the ‘Digital Wellbeing’ option. You will find it under the general settings. There, there is the Restricted Mode, which you’ll need to turn on. After that, TikTok will only show the filtered content in your suggestions, and all the bad content will be hidden from your feed.

Download the videos without watermark

If you want to download a TikTok video, but you do not want to logo to appear on it, then you might want to use this tip. There are plenty of sites out there that help you with this matter. Just make sure you find the right ones – and the safe ones.

Add a video to your favorites

At some point, you find a video that you really like and you want to save it for later. And it’s very easy to do so. All you need to do is to long-press on the video until you get the ‘Add to Favorites’ option. Tap on it and add the video to the favorites section. You should keep in mind that you can also save TikTok hashtags, video effects, and even sound effects.

Use the TikTok songs from that video you liked

This is one of the best tricks on the app, and we will show you how to use it. Go to that video that you like and tap on the disk icon – you can find it at the bottom right corner of the screen. Then tap on Use this sound.

The record screen will open up. When you start recording your video, the song will start playing. You can do numerous videos – just be creative!




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