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Amazon Prime Video: How to Access Unavailable Content

Amazon Prime Video’s number of original content titles almost doubled in the last few years. However, in a massive collection of seemingly endless entertainment, not all its content is equally available to users.

In this case, a VPN could be the resolve.​ This means that to unlock more libraries in Amazon Prime Video, you’ll need to install a VPN app.

How to Access More Content in Amazon Prime Video

Although numerous VPNs do not work with Amazon Prime Video​, some still do – Surfshark is one of them. Download the VPN service of your choice by heading to the official website and selecting the platform you want to download it on.

Then, you need to create an account by putting in your credentials and signing up. Finally, connect to a server location. Choosing the right location depends on your needs – if you want to access Amazon U.S., connect to a server location in the United States. The same applies to other libraries that we unlock.

What if Amazon Prime Blocks Your VPN?

In case the notification that Amazon Prime Video​ is blocking your VPN appears, it means that it’s restricting an IP address the VPN uses to give you access to the content. Because you’re not the only one using that particular IP address, streaming services see it and presume the traffic is coming from a VPN.

In case Amazon Prime Video​ is blocking your VPN, try the following tricks:

  • Clear your browser’s cache
  • Enable the incognito or private mode
  • Connect to another server location
  • Restart the device you are using
  • Try connecting to another VPN server in the same area

Why Use a VPN With Amazon Prime?

Having access to unavailable TV shows and movies is an evident reason for installing a VPN on your device. However, that’s not all that it offers. What more can you get from a VPN service? 

First of all, privacy. You won’t have to worry about your ISP, snoopers, or even the VPN provider monitoring everything you’re doing online. Secondly, you’re more secure. A VPN can prevent hacking attempts by securing Internet connections and keeping you safe on vulnerable public networks.

Can a VPN Impact Streaming Quality and Speed?

A VPN service can indeed slow down your Internet a bit because it is an encryption process that secures your connection and makes it private. Still, a great premium VPN has none to minimal impact on speed, depending on how far away is a server location you’re connecting to and your Internet connection.

If your VPN is slowing down your Internet connection, you can try out some tricks to solve it:

  • Verify if it’s the VPN that’s creating connection issues by performing a VPN speed test
  • Switch to another server location – usually, the closer the location, the better the speed
  • If you like to get into more advanced features, you can also change your VPN protocol settings or switch between TCP/UDP with OpenVPN.

Wrap Up

A VPN is the solution to unlocking more Amazon Prime Video​ content and keeping your browsing private and secure. With the right VPN software, you can access Amazon Prime from various parts of the world at the touch of a button.



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