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Amazon Will Discontinue its Echo Look Smart Devices

Amazon has just announced that it decided to end support for its Echo Look smart speaker/camera device, and current Echo Looks will be entirely discontinued starting with July 24th. This is yet another reminder that lots of the gadgets we buy can be discontinued at any time.  

According to, people who purchased an Echo Look should already have been informed about the decision, but a lot of the functionality first provided by the device has since been implemented into other Amazon apps and hardware.  

If you’re not familiar with the Echo device, the smart camera operated together with a mobile phone and some computer algorithms in order to provide you with an assessment of how good your outfits looked. Echo Look and its pair app could also help you monitor what you usually wore, and could also tap into Amazon’s numerous shopping services to help you choose new outfits to suit you best in any occasion.

The Smart Assistant is Pushed Into Other Devices

“When we introduced Echo Look three years ago, our goal was to train Alexa to become a style assistant as a novel way to apply AI and machine learning to fashion,” Amazon said in an email to customers. “Customers will still be able to enjoy style advice from Alexa through the Amazon Shopping app and other Alexa-enabled devices. We look forward to continuing to support our customers, and their style needs with Alexa.”  

As per Android Central, a few Echo Look owners will receive discount codes to acquire an Echo Show 5 for free, but that was not officially confirmed by Amazon. The Echo Show devices can mimic the functionality of the Looks to some extent.  

Although the Echo Look was not one of the company’s best sellers, it is rather amusing to see Amazon discontinuing an Alexa-enabled product as it continues to get the assistant into almost all of its devices. 



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