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Amazon’s New Crucible Will Be a Hit in the Battle Royale Game Industry

The first-ever PC shooter game from Amazon will finally make its appearance after first announced three years ago. We are talking about a battle royale game called Crucible, that is trying to find its way into the modern platforms. It’s quite similar to what we have seen in the competitive shooter games that are present in the market.

It’s a multiplayer battle royale game

You can clearly see how similar it is to the other battle royale games, but there is one difference, which makes it interesting. This new game has PvE elements in it.

According to some sources, “In Crucible, you’re not just fighting the other team, you’re fighting various beasts scattered throughout the game world. Beating those PvE monsters gives you the fuel to rank up your team and make them more lethal and resilient on the battlefield, so you’re better equipped to take on other players when they show up.”

This game will have 10 characters, and each one of them will have a unique role, their own playstyle, and abilities. You can get as many characters as you want on a team. But it might not be a good idea to get them all in one team. These characters also have different strengths and weaknesses, and it’s not productive to have them all together. The developer of the game, Relentless Studios, is quite skeptical when it comes to putting them into the traditional MMO roles like support, damage, and tank. Some of them can be used in defense, and others are used to heal or turrets. We should also mention that there are better ways to attack, and they are made to be useful in different roles. No one will be at a disadvantage if they don’t get to play the character they want to play.



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