An ISS Astronaut Baked A Chocolate Chips Cookie In Space For The First Time Ever

We can finally start to fantasize about the most romantic thing ever: having dinner on the Moon. And that because a month ago, at the International Space Station, after several failures, a chocolate chips cookie was baked. The first ones failed to look like baked cookies because the chef, Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano, didn’t set the oven’s temperature right and took the cookies out before they were baked correctly. Just one more step towards eating on the Moon.

We can’t blame the chef. The oven was brand new, a prototype actually named Zero-G Oven, and built by Nanoracks. Little did Luca Parmitano know that baking time in space is not the same as down here. 20 minutes of baking on Earth means two hours up there. And you also need to use a higher temperature. But he did it.

He first tried the earthly time of 25 minutes. By the third cookie, he was beyond 50. The cookie was still raw, and he only had two more. Only five raw cookies were sent at ISS. So, only two shots left for completing the mission. So, he went ballistic: he cooked the cookie for 2 hours.

Having Dinner on the Moon — An ISS Astronaut Baked A Chocolate Chips Cookie In Space

Luca Parmitano’s bravery got him the baked chocolate chips cookie he was sent there for. For the last cookie, he made his signature as a chef by using the oven’s maximum power (325 degrees F) and adding 10 more minutes. The result was a real success.

The last three cookies were sent back to Earth two weeks ago. One of them is at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum for display. The rest of them are kept frozen in individual baking poches in a Houston-area lab. The big mystery now is the taste.

No one knows how the cookies taste like. They will have to pass some tests before, as cooked in space food is not known to be safe to eat yet. So no, it will no longer mean that women have impossible expectations from their knights in shiny armor. They can actually hope to be taken to the moon. They’ll just have to lower the expectations on the white horse, though.

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