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Android 10: How to Install it on Your Smartphone

Android 10 is the latest operating system released by Google for mobile phones. However, not all the smartphone manufacturers have upgraded the OS existing in their devices to Android 10, with most of them still running on older versions of the software.

If you want to use the operating system on your devices, here is how to download and install it, not only on Google Pixel smartphones but also on other compatible devices.

Android 10 Implementation

Android 10 is, at the moment, being implemented on all Pixel mobile phones, as well as on other devices compatible with it via an OTA (over-the-air) update. The schedule of the rollout is not clear, though, but some manufacturers, such as HMD Global, OnePlus, and Samsung have already announced a timeline for the release of the OS on their phones. More tech giants are expected to reveal the release schedule in the following months.

All the flagships released since two years ago will probably be getting the new OS, but the situation is still unclear when it comes to the low or mid-range smartphones.

Install Android 10 as an OTA Update

If you own a Google Pixel or a flagship device that’s been released in the last three months of 2019 or early 2020, the update should automatically download if you keep your device connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Install Android 10 Manually

Before proceeding, reset your device. This step is optional, but installing a new software version can sometimes trigger errors the phone has not encountered before. It is recommended to restart your device every time you plan on doing some major changes to the system.

We also do not recommend the manual installation of Android 10 because it is still an unstable version of OS, which can make it difficult to use the phone.

How to Install Android 10 on Your Computer

Here is how to install the OS on any computer, really.

  • Download the Android SDK from here
  • Unzip all the files you just downloaded from the folder they’re in
  • Add the SDK tool and the Platform Tool to the PATH variable:
    – On Mac – Type the following command: ‘export PATH=$PATH:<Chemin du SDK Android’
    – On Windows – Right-click and tap on My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Environment variables
    (For Windows users: Your Google USB driver has to be in the SDK folder. Head to Manager>Tools>Google USB Driver. Connect your phone to the computer and right-click on ‘Computer,’ then on ‘Management;‘ right-click on the left area, and you should see the Peripherals>Update Driver. If the manual installation is there, the driver should be under path SDK>/extra/google/usb_driver.)
  • Check if the phone’s number shows up in the list of connected devices. You’re all set

How to Install Android 10 on Your Smartphone

Follow the steps below to install the OS on your mobile phone.

  • Turn off your smartphone
  • Press and hold the Power and the Volume-Down key to restart the device in bootloader mode
  • Connect the device to your PC via a USB cable
  • Launch Windows Explorer and search for the previously downloaded software in the ADB Tool folder
  • Double-click on the file ‘flash-all.bat’ and wait until the process completes

Your smartphone should automatically restart with the latest version of Android 10.



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