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Android 11 Beta 1 Has Some Amazing Features

We all know that the first Android 11 developer preview has been released back in February. And then, it came Preview 1, then Preview 2, then Preview 3, and then Preview 4. Google was supposed to release the Android 11 Beton the 3rd of June. However, they didn’t do it, and it has been postponed indefinitely. But we have heard that Android 11 beta 1 has rolled out early to some of the Google Pixel 4 users. And we know everything about it. 

We have learned today that they have moved the music player notification upon the Quick Settings panel. The Quick Settings panel will expand to two rows and will show the quick settings toggles on one side, and the music player on the other side. By opening the Quick Settings panel by swiping down, you will move the music player to the bottom of the panel, and the toggles will be right above it. The feature was available but not ready to be accessed and had to be enabled by hand. But with Android 11 beta 1, we can now get access to this feature. 

Together with the release of Pixel 4, Google has introduced the Pixel Themes app. This one allows you to customize parts of the user interface, like the colored font, the shape of the icons, and the icon fill. From some preinstalled choicesThere are now two new icon shape options: Flower and Hexagon. Then, they added three more: Pebble, Vessel, and Tapered Rectangle.  

Another feature is the Controls API, which will allow developers to put the shortcuts in the power menu. In the earlier versions of Android 11, there was a Quick Control section under the row of the power menu, and the rest of the menu was transparent. Android 11 Developer Preview 4 came with a power menu that had its background dark and the power menu items up top. The “Quick Controls” has been changed to “Device Controls,” and you can even add controls for your connected devices.



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