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Android 11 Beta, or How to Make Your Life Easier

Android 11 is the next Android version update, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it. The first beta for the update was scheduled to be released on the 3rd of June, 2020. However, because of the protests that are happening right now, Google chose to postpone the online launch event. However, the beta arrived on some of the users’ phones by mistake.  

Google has announced that the online launch event has been canceled. However, the Android 11 Beta 1 is still on. Google has released the first beta for the Google Pixel phones, and it came with amazing changes. 

When it comes to People 

One of the essential functions is still that of building connections with people. The new version of Android tries to make its OS to be more expressive.  

Notifications. Android 11 will have a dedicated section at the top of the notification bar that’s made specifically for conversations. The design is people-forward, and the notification will come with conversation-specific actions. You can now open the conversation as a bubble. You can also create shortcuts for conversations on the home screen, or set a reminder.  

The conversation notifications were first seen on Android 11 Developer Preview 1. There are also buttons for mute, snooze, favorite, and to see the conversation in bubbles.  

Speaking of Bubbles 

Android 11 is bound to make some serious changes to the chat heads by using Bubbles API. The chat apps should use the Bubbles API for notifications in order to let users keep their conversation on the screen while doing some other things on the phone, at the same time.  

The bubbles were released on Android 10 as a developer option. However, Google has in its plan to do even more than that. The company added a new submenu, which will help you enable the Bubble notifications. Go to Settings, to Apps & Notifications, to Notifications, to Bubbles. 




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