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Android 11 DP4 Brings PiP Improvements and UI Changes

Google has released a brand new version of its developer preview before the release of the beta for more people. This new version is Android 11 Developer Preview 4 (Android 11 DP4), and it has an array of upgrades and added features.

Android 11 DP4 brings new PiP features and UI changes

Perhaps one of the most significant upgrades in the new DP is offering the possibility of resizing PiP (picture-in-picture). Users can now change the size of the pop-up window for any application that supports picture-in-picture. As AndroidPolice has mentioned, this feature will have a lot of uses, as almost all smartphones these days come with a reasonably large display.

Small changes have been mare to the UI, including removing the pop-up window by pressing “X,” while before you had to drag down the pop-up to dismiss it.

Besides adding a resizable picture-in-picture window, Android 11 DP4 gives its users a tutorial for gesture-based navigation. It enables users to exercise with the used gestures before actually starting to use their smartphone.

Android 11 Beta – Release Date

Google has declared that its industry is a highly fast-paced one, and they are aware that many of their partners who make devices are relying on Google for assistance in bringing Android 11 to new devices in the upcoming year.

They also take into account the fact that many people have been working on prioritizing early game and app testing for the new system, which is partly based on milestones such as Google’s Platform Stability. Google has also mentioned that they are all collaborating from a distance, and the health of their colleagues, friends, and family is the top priority.

Android 11 DP4’s arrival means that the launch of the beta has been delayed. One can remember that Android DP3 was meant to be the final developer version before the commencement of Android 11’s beta version. The changes in schedule mean that Android 11 Beta will be released on June 3. The next beta will be there in July, the third one in August, and the final release is estimated to appear as scheduled, in the third quarter of the year.



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