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Android 11 Has Changed Its Menu: Here’s What It Looks Like Now

Android 11 was supposed to be released on the 3rd of June, but they decided to postpone it. But we have learned an exciting thing about it. According to some leaks on the internet, we now have a better idea of how the new power button menu looks like for Android 11. The menu will include shortcuts called Quick Controls, which will help you control everything from locks to thermostats, to payment options and the power and the restart buttons. 

We had known about all of these shortcuts since March when developers talked about it, but according to the screenshots, we can better see how the menu looks like. All the existing buttons, like an emergency, screenshot, power off, and restart, have been put in another place, now at the top of the screen, above a shortcut to Google Pay. It’s kind of similar to the one added to the Google Pixel recently. 

A new way to use the smart home controls

However, things are changed when it comes to the bulk of the screen, and they added a way of using the smart home controls. According to some sources, by tapping all of them, it will toggle the corresponding smartphone gadget on and off. If you long-press it, then it will give you more options or will take you directly to a smart home app. 

So when is the release date?

Google was supposed to officially release Android 11 3rd of June, but they delayed it over the weekend. Right now, we do not have an official release date. 



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