Android 11 Update For Google Pixels – September Security Patches And More!

Great News! Security patches for Google Pixel devices are released alongside the Android 11 update.

This month’s fixes are aimed towards security and are more numerous than usual, with many “critical” and “high” vulnerability fixes included, so we suggest that you install the Android 11 update as soon as possible!

Patch Notes

As for the patch notes of the new update, they are merely a repeat of Android 11-related features, so you can effortlessly search online for the complete patch notes list.

To put it merely, Pixel owners should expect a new conversation notification section, bubble notifications, in-screen recording, enhanced media controls, and various privacy-oriented improvements alongside other Pixel-specific features.

The September release could seem later than the company got us used to, and it is.

Usually, such releases happen on the first Monday of each month, but because the first Monday of this month was Labor Day, that was all pushed back until the 8th.

Amazingly, Samsung is going to release its monthly patches before Google does.

Build numbers and availability range slightly according to carrier, device, and region.

Surprisingly, they also suggest a build date for earlier this summer.

A similar happening was registered with the first Pixel 4a images, so there’s a chance that Google has changed how it’s handling build numbers again as they progressed. That would be just history repeating itself!

Make sure that you stay updated on the latest Android patches, as they bear essential bug fixes and safety patches that are essential to your phone – Having an outdated system might result in performance or data issues.

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