Android 11 Will Come With a Security Feature That Protects Users From Malicious Apps

Android is set to welcome a new update sometime this year that could help protect users from malicious applications on the Google Play Store, the developers said.

Google has now released the latest Developer Preview for Android 11, with the following numbered build of the mobile operating system expected to launch in full later in 2020. Unlike Apple that keeps its new iOS reveal for the WWDC in June of this year and its iPhone devices announcement in September, Google rolls out updates with less parade for Android.

The company’s newest build depicted a handful of new features, such as Bubbles that enable apps to be kept open in the background, intuitive notifications, and a default screen recorder. The second Android 11 Developer Preview doesn’t come with as many features, but it does bring an important change to privacy and security that could protect you against malicious apps that pass through Google’s security regulations and make it onto the Play Store.

A New Security Feature

Some Android apps are crammed with malware, others attack you with intrusive apps, and others ask for shady permissions in order to access personal data on your phone. However, it seems like Android 11 is taking the fight to another level with brand new security features that will make it more difficult for programmers to get to your camera or microphone in a sneaky way unless they are offered a certain foreground service.

Talking about the new security feature in Android 11, Google stated: “In Android 10 we introduced the manifest attribute foregroundServiceType as a way to help ensure more accountability for specific use-cases. Initially, apps could choose from ‘location’ and several others. Now in Android 11, we’re adding two new types – ‘camera’ and ‘microphone.’ If your app wants to access camera or mic data from a foreground service, you need to add the foregroundServiceType value to your manifest.”

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