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Angry Birds Friends 8.1.0 Update is Now Available to Download

​Angry Birds Friends is a popular puzzle video game in the Angry Birds series. The game is the fourth in the franchise, developer and published by Rovio Entertainment.

The title was initially an exclusive Facebook game, similar to the way Candy Crush Saga and more others were and was known as ​Angry Birds Facebook. It was launched on February 13th, 2012, and was renamed to the current moniker on May 23rd, 2012.

​The Facebook variant of the ​Angry Birds series came with power-ups to the franchise; the versions for Android as well as iOS have been launched on May 2nd, 2013. Then, in October 2014, the gaming studio released a global league to enable players from all over the world to have a more immersive and exciting experience by playing against each other.

​​Angry Birds Friends​ has weekly tournaments that became incredibly popular, which sometimes pack levels based on the current season, such as Christmas-inspired levels in December and Easter-themed levels throughout Easter.

The Game’s Tournament and Star Cup Features

Players are offered the possibility to compete against the world in 20 brand new ​Angry Birds levels that developers are releasing every week. They can also experience what is like to fight in the Star Cup as they go head-to-head against individual adversaries.

Here are some of the most interesting tournament and Star Cup features:

• New competitive tournaments are opening every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
• There are 20 brand new levels released in the game every week
• You can easily challenge opponents and win to level up to higher leagues
• Grab the top rank to receive some impressive rewards
• The game offers special-themed tournaments every other week
• On Star Cup, you can challenge other players individually
• Get free power-ups, Level Effects and Special Slingshots on each level you get to
• Gather Feathers to advance your Birds and earn more scoring power
• Win streaks, as well as multiple matches in a row to enhance your rewards

Angry Birds Friends 8.1.0 Update

The developing team that works to enhance Angry Birds Friends​ is regularly releasing new updates in order to offer players smooth gaming experience. The latest rollout, Angry Birds Friends 8.1.0 update, comes with some minor improvements.​



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