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Angry Birds Transformers 2.7.1 – The Fun Is Back!

When it comes to mobile games, few titles can even dare to compare to Angry Birds. It’s the title that got us hooked on the franchise a decade ago. It spawned multiple sequels, spinoffs, movies, memorabilia, and collector’s items.

Angry Birds progressed a lot since its humble beginnings when it was all about the few basic birds, the slingshot, and the smug green pigs and their increasingly complicated shelters.

Angry Birds Transformers was released a few years ago, and it quickly became an instant hit, just like all other titles of the franchise. Mobile gamers just can’t put their smartphones down from playing Angry Birds Transformers. The truth is, the developers did a marvelous job of revamping the game’s universe and mashing it up with the Transformers universe. It’s certainly an unusual blend, but still delightful and unique. The progression still feels linear, though the available items are very different from what was available in the first game.

Current Version

The game reached version 2.7.1. With each new version, the game gets increasingly better – Developers either fix existing glitches and errors or add/unlock new content, which is always great. Here is what the latest update’s patch notes say:

“/NEW CHARACTER Hint: He makes it rain!



As you can see, the game’s latest version brings quite many changes to the game. However, that doesn’t necessarily complicate the experience.

To get the new update, you can either keep your phone connected to a reliable network like home wi-fi or mobile data and keep auto-updates on or navigate to the game’s official page on Google Play Store and tapping the update button.



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