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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fans Can Now Pre-Order the Bell Bag

The vibe around Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not that mysterious lately, give the fact that the launch date slowly approaches.

Now, Best Buy has made a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons bundle available for pre-order. For $65, you get the game and a plush Bell Bag that can store your change, small stuff, or Animal Crossing Amiibos when they are not behaving themselves. Although Best Buy’s bonus, a Tom Nook tech sticker, has been exhausted since then, this is still the best game bundle accessible at the moment.

As depicted in the offer, the drawstring pouch is pretty cute. It is not that practical, not is it flooding with actual currency players can use in real life, but it only makes up $5 of the game’s price tag. The Bell Bag is selling for $20 separately, which is a ridiculous price that Tom Nook would come with.

Although the Animal Crossing-themed Switch consoles are at the moment sold out, there is still a lot of New Horizons items available to pre-order before the game’s launch, which will take place on March 20th on Nintendo Switch.

New Color For the Nintendo Switch Lite Will Launch

Besides this new bundle, Nintendo has also announced not long ago a new color for the Nintendo Switch Lite, namely pink coral, as the gaming studio calls it. It launches on April 3rd, just a few weeks after New Horizon will roll out. Coral Switch Lite pre-orders are also available to make.

In the meantime, U.K. Animal Crossing fans can pre-order New Horizon bundles from Nintendo U.K. that come along some decorative character pillows. New information about the highly-expected game has been steadily appearing in the run-up to the game’s release. Just a while ago, Nintendo confirmed on its website that New Horizons would backup the seldom-used Nintendo Switch Online mobile phone application.

Although the title will not use the Switch Online’s save backup files, Nintendo will allow NSO subscribers to get back their New Horizons save data under specific conditions.



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