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Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 1.2.1: All We Know so Far

And unfortunately for us, Nintendo has not listed what exactly has been changed in Animal Crossing New Horizons today, May 22.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a very popular game, which has earned his fans on the Nintendo Switch. The game has a lot in its plans for the future. Right now, we are preparing for the new update. But this one is not like the others. Unlike the past Animal Crossing updates that come with bug fixes and new features, this one is a bit smaller. Nintendo released the 1.2.0 update just last month, and they added Leif and Redd. This update will only remove bugs. And Nintendo has not really listed the changes that come with this update.

These are the patch notes for the 1.2.1 update:

You know that the software has been updated if you see the “Ver. 1.2.1” message placed in the upper-right corner of the title screen. Also, they have addressed issues in order to make the experience enjoyable.

We are still waiting for more information on this matter. We are also looking for players to tell us if they see something different when downloading the patch.

Reviews are great for this game, and it has proved that it knows how to win the hearts of its players. We know that the game only comes with new mechanics, but it improves on so many other aspects. Fans are happy with the game, even if some crafting tools are a bit stiff, and if the terraforming might still need some work. But overall, the game is exactly what we need.



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