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Antarctica’s Increased Temperatures Results Can’t Be Yet Verified

Record increased temperatures determined in Antarctica can’t be verified yet, because researchers need a lot of time to perform such a thing, according to the U.N. weather agency.

A representative from the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) stated that the measurements realized by researchers from Brazil and Argentina a few weeks ago have to share a formal method. They need to do that to guarantee that they fit international norms.

“A formal decision on whether or not this is a record is likely to be several months away,” explained the WMO representative, Jonathan Fowler.

Researchers from an Argentine study center measured a temperature of 18.3 degrees Celsius on February 4 on a peninsula that extends from Antarctica to the southern part of South America. As for the last results, there were 17.5 degrees Celsius recorded back in March 2015.

Last Antarctica’s Temperatures Measured Aren’t Ready for Examination

Recently, researchers from Brazil stated that they measured temperatures of 20.75 degrees Celsius on an island off the peninsula. Such results exceed the record for the whole Antarctica of 19.8 degrees Celsius in 1982.

Fowler explained that both of the recent measurements would require to be sent to Professor Randall Cerveny from the Arizona State University. The professor is the one who verifies reported temperature accounts for WMO.

As for Prof. Cerveny, his work doesn’t end there. He must share the information with a broader team of scientists who will precisely examine the available proof, such as comparisons to the close stations.

Moreover, they will have to discuss the advantages and issues of the investigation. Such an investigation usually requires up to nine months of hard work. After that, Cerveny wold formally reject or accept the possible extreme. He also must give the official WMO approval to the recent record. The Arctic and the Antarctic are in the hands of the researchers.



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