Apex Legends Loot Bunkers and All We Know So Far

All of you, Apex Legends fans will be able to get your hands on Season 5’s biggest mysteries soon. 

We have heard that the battle royale’s original map has some changes prepared for us, thanks to the new characters Loba’s intrusion into a laboratory that’s hidden beneath Kings Canyon. So the Skull Town does not exist anymore, and all that is left is a big hole that pretty much swallows everything that goes to close to it. Also, the facility selfdestruct protocol has managed to redistribute tons of soil and some bunkers in the process. 

We still have to wait for a bit

Of course, we know that you cannot wait to find out what’s inside the bunkers, but right now, all you can do is simply waitIt seems that the dates and times for when players can get these four bunkers opened have been confirmed. And, apparently, there’s also a fifth bunker, but this one is especially tided to a feature story event. 

How long will it take for the bunkers to be fully opened?

Keep in mind that it will take about a week for the opening process to be complete, and that is when the explorers will finally be free to, well, explore the bunkers. Every location will be full of standard loot and also big-ticket items such as legendary shields and weapons. This also means that you will be fighting against other teams in order to get them, but if you win, you’ll get the best gear available in the game. 

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