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Apex Legends: Season 5 Is Full of Problems and Developers Need to Do Something About It Soon

Some of you who have updated to Apex Legends Season 5 stated that there are some issues with the game. Others have tried to patch their games. However, they found themselves in a quite complicated situation: the updating process never seemed to stop. But we also come with great news: Respawn has taken care of many bugs already. This means that they will also take a look at the issues. On PS4, there are issues with the servers and the Lobby, and some were not able to finish the Season 5 update process.

Respawn is working on solving the issues

The team behind the game is aware of the problems, and they will take their time to solve them. They will also take a look at the issues with the new character, Loba. Respawn stated: “We are investigating an issue with Unlocked Legends not appearing, currency not appearing, and basic menu navigation. We have identified an issue with textures showing up dark or black after today’s update, repairing the game files will correct the issue.” Then, they continued with the fact that there is a problem with the high graphic settings on PC. They said that by lowering the settings, players will be able to correct the issues.

Do we know the reasons behind the problems?

They have already released a fix, but they still have some work to do. We still don’t know what caused the problems with the lobbies and the character selection, but fans started to get their own theories. One of the players said that it has to do with the new feature that allows teammates to join the game again, after being disconnected. However, Respawn did not find this feature to be the problem.

We are waiting for an official statement after they solve all the problems.






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