Apex Legends Season 6: These Are Some Surprises That Await Us

There is something strange happening in Apex Legends now, but the good news is that Season 6 might be closer than expected.

If we are to think that Respawn Entertainment would keep its regular schedule, then the next in line after Fortune’s Favour should be live in August. We heard it will come with another playable character and that they have made some adjustments to the existing meta. We know that some fans wanted to have some rework done to some of the Apex’s existing combatants, like Crypto, but that might not be far from the truth. For example, Mirage, got his own revamp back in Season 5, so we are waiting for more of that for this new season.

There might be a new arena in works

When it comes to other new content, the end of Apex‘s Broken Ghost, the first story-driven questline, shows that players could be back finding a new arena to fight. The recent changes made to Kings Canyon come in support of this idea.

Are we getting a new spacefaring vessel?

If we are to take a closer look, besides the heavy-duty crane found on the OG map, we might see that the machinery has hoisted a payload that’s quite weird. It is described as being some sort of rocket thruster. This device could show that the construction of a spacefaring vessel is happening.

Right now, we’re waiting for Respawn to release an official statement about all that is happening with season 6. Will there be a special event that will lead to the arrival of season 6? All we can do now is simply wait.



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