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Apple Card Receives Web Portal With Numerous Functions

iPhone owners no longer have to depend on the Wallet application to carry out the Apple Card transactions. The Cupertino-based company has released a web portal for its credit card, providing users with a way to pay their balance online even if they don’t have or have lost access to their smartphone. 

In addition to providing users with a way to view and pay the balance on a desktop or laptop, the online dashboard for Apple Card also shows the available credit and allows users to download previous statements as PDFs. Besides this, the new portal gives you a quick way to set up scheduled payments, to link or remove connected bank accounts and to contact support. 

Before this improvement, the only way to pay off your balance if you lost the smartphone was to call Goldman Sach’s telephone support.  

Futuristic Technology 

This is the first time Apple provides users with access to their credit card information outside of the Wallet app. A lot of users have been requesting the company to launch a web portal since Apple Card was released last year, with the tech giant describing it as a modern credit card that you can use to pay with your phone. 

This online dashboard doesn’t have fees but has a Daily Cash program that allows you to use the money you get back immediately. You can already log into Apple Card’s website using the Apple ID linked to your card. 

The company launched the Apple Card in August last year, marketing it as a forward-looking digital credit card experience with a plethora of integrations into the Wallet app on the iPhone. Still, the service had no web presence whatsoever, until now. This limitation is what frustrated many customers as web access to banking details is considered the starting bid in 2020, and the Apple Card is meant to be a futuristic credit card.



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