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Apple Could Delay the Launch of the iPhone 12

The launch of Apple’s iPhone 12 could be delayed for up to eight weeks if Apple does not manage to force its suppliers to produce iPhones at a faster rate and in a higher volume. Apple enthusiasts have been disappointed this year. Just like plenty of other companies offering similar services, Apple has been set back significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to the delay of the launch of iPhone 12. Normally, the phone would have been released in September 2020, keeping to the company’s tradition of launching its new products in the ninth month of the year. Unfortunately, after the economy was hit hard and the world was brought to a standstill, this is no longer possible and Apple fans have to wait much more for the new iPhone.

Apple, which is a strong and influential company, was not able to protect itself against social distancing measures all around the globe. Because of that, the programmed plan for iPhone production has been negatively affected. Theoretically, there are only three months before the release of the iPhone 12, but things do not look good and users are certainly not feeling optimistic.

The launch of the new iPhone could end up being delayed for up to four to eight weeks, according to Nikkei Asian Review. If the source is right, Apple could end up launching the new phone sometime between the month of October and November. According to an Apple insider, the company is currently trying to push its suppliers as hard as they can to significantly cut down the time of delay.

If the source is correct and the iPhone 12 will really launch during the last quarter of the year, Apple’s sale cycle will be affected. This kind of delay will not be able to create a momentum going hard all until the holiday season, which is normally the best selling month of the company.



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