Apple Faces Patent Lawsuit Over Their Atrial Fibrillation Feature

Apple’s claims of adding life-saving features to its watch also comes with a patent lawsuit from someone who stated they already patented the irregular heartbeat detection Apple added to their recent Apple Watches.

The company has been adding this feature after users reported Apple Watch’s heart-monitoring option saved their lives. This is why Apple chose to add one more feature that detects atrial fibrillation using new sensors and algorithms to see if there is an irregular heartbeat pattern.

While many reports have shown a positive reaction to this new feature, a doctor has filed lawsuit against Apple for knowingly and willfully infringing on his patent.

Cardiologist Claims He Invented The Detecting Atrial Fibrillation Feature

Dr. Joseph Wiesel, a New York University School of Medicine cardiologist claims that he approached the tech giant in September 2017 and informed them of his patent. Apple refused to negotiate back then, so Dr. Wiesel asks for royalties or else he wants to have Apple blocked from using the feature he patented until he gives his permission.

A court will discuss whether Dr. Joseph Wiesel’s patent was indeed right about his claims. His patent is described as a “Method of and apparatus for detecting atrial fibrillation,” but it does not say it can be applied to smartwatches. However, it does note that devices can have chips to process the information received from the user and it can be attached to body parts.

The court will have to interpret whether Apple infringed on Dr. Wiesel’s patent.

While Atrial fibrillation or afib detection is not the most essential feature the Apple Watch has, it is one of the reasons people buy it. Apple is continuing their research on their tech effectiveness and plan to expand their features so that they can detect more disorders.

If Dr. Wiesel makes his case, Apple will have to settle this issue or else the company will face a big blow.

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