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Apple Has a Radical New Portless iPhone in Plan For This Year

Apple is planning some radical changes to its mobile devices, which will go entirely portless with the next iPhone by adopting a new Smart Connector, a new leak claims.

The iPhone 12 is expected to have a smaller notch and other design changes, but a new iPhone for 2021 could be drastically different, the leak says. There will be no Lightning port anymore, which would mean no USB-C either. However, the mysterious device might not be the iPhone 13.

Is the iPhone 13 Plus the Portless Smartphone?

In spite of pressure for Apple to get rid of its Lightning port for USB-C charging, it appears that the tech giant would prefer having no port than to make that switch.

“Never USB-C,” tech tipster Jon Prosser said on Twitter, supporting previous reports that the iPhone 13 series will offer a portless model. “One portless iPhone is coming next year. Eventually, they’ll all be portless.”

However, will this be the iPhone 13 or another iPhone altogether? In a later talk with Forbes, Prosser said that the portless iPhone might not be sold as a flagship smartphone, but that Apple may rather opt for a more affordable model. This made people speculate that it could be the rumored iPhone SE Plus.

The iPhone SE Plus is believed to launch during the second half of next year and feature a screen size between 5.5 and 6.1 inches. The device is also rumored to have a Touch ID sensor incorporated into the display.

iPhone SE Plus Concept. [Image: Hubert Jarechowicz]
While the rumored new mobile phone would technically not have a port, Prosser said that would sport an Apple Smart Connector, similar to the iPad Pro. This connector would enable a dock charging and probably other accessories as well.

Prosser, who has offered us quite a few recent iPhone 12, AirPods Studio, and Apple Watch 6 leaks, also has information on the company’s plans for 2021’s devices. A smartphone with no ports has been suggested and imagined numerous times already, but renown manufacturers have yet to develop it. Apple has adhered to its own Lightning port rather than to switch to USB-C for user convenience.

Still, in January, the European Union voted in favor of a universal charging system, and while the details and application of the decision have not yet emerged, Apple seems to not stick around for that to happen.



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