Apple Has Come With a Brand New iOS Maps App: What We Know so Far

Apple has rolled out its updated Maps app for all of its iOS users from the USA. The redesign was already presented to some states last year, for a beta testing process. Cupertino stated that they would also add Europe to the list in the coming months.

The team behind the Maps app for iOS wasn’t really quick to fix the problems with the 2012 launch. The latest redesign was announced back in 2018, but Apple has spent about four years to work on it.

The first difference that we will see will be with regards to the details seen on the non-satellite view. This means that buildings, parks, and landmarks will easily be seen now. But if we are to compare it from above, it will make the residential streets hard to see.

The app will also be faster and even more responsive. The navigation process will be more accurate, too. We also hope that Siri will be able to remind you when to get into the turning lane, for example, but we don’t get out hopes that high.

Eddie Cue, Services Senior Vice President, stated that “We set out to create the best and most private maps app on the planet that is reflective of how people explore the world today.” They have invested a lot in them, and it requires them to re-building the map from 0 in order to see how Maps will enhance the lives of people.

Besides the new look, Maps will also come with an alternative for Google’s Street View, which will be called “Look Around.” It is only implemented for some cities, like Las Vegas and San Francisco, but the company promised more placed in the future.

They kept the “My Places” feature, which is now called “Favorites.” You can save locations and then find them quickly.


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