Apple iCloud: Five Common Errors and How to Fix Them

Apple‘s cloud storage system is an incredible tool that makes it easy for Apple device users to sync images, calendars, documents, and so on across all devices.​ However, a downside of this feature is that if you ever lose access to the iCloud, you are also losing all your data.

Numerous issues could restrict access to the cloud, and therefore, makes you unable to get to your stuff. Here are a few of the most common errors users encounter when it comes to iCloud and some reliable fixes. 

Cannot Connect to iCloud

Connections issues typically appear when you’re trying to sign in or sync data. However, they may occur because of other problems related to applications. The first thing you want to do is to verify if all Apple devices are online. To do so, head over to Apple’s System Status website and ensure than every iCloud-based service has a green circle next to it. If you see yellow or red icons next to the devices, it means that Apple is currently having some issues, and you have to wait until they fix them.

Accept the terms and conditions in the window that appears, and if this action fails, sign out of iCloud on your iPhone and iPad and try signing in again.

• Go to ‘Settings,’ and tap on your device’s account name
• Click on ‘Sign out,’ enter your password, and tap on the ‘Turn off’ option in the ‘Find my device’ window
• Choose what data to leave on the device
• Tap on the ‘Sign out’ button
• Return to the settings menu and sign in again

iCloud Doesn’t Sync Data Across Devices

If the service is not working on all the devices, there are a few fixes you can try out.

• Restart your device
•​ Verify your Wi-Fi connection and restart the router if the connection is slow
•​ Sign out and in again
•​ Turn on all the devices you want to sync by heading to your account in the settings menu, and clicking on the ‘iCloud’ option

Third-Party Apps Don’t Save to iCloud

Sometimes, third-party apps might not be able to save data to iCloud, so you need to change the settings a bit.

•​ Head over to your account in the settings menu, and select ‘iCloud’
•​ Scroll down through the list and enable the apps you want to sync to iCloud
•​ If you cannot find the app on the list, report this to the developer

iCloud Settings Won’t Stop Updating

The continual loading screen typically appears after signing in, just waiting for a while might be all you need to do. However, if the screen keeps persisting, here is what you can try.

•​ Restart your device
•​ Head over to ‘Settings’ and sign in to iCloud again

Authentication Error When Signing In

This issue usually appears if you type in the wrong username and password. However, it can also occur even if you use correct credentials. Here is what to do if this error appears:

•​ Head over to the official Apple website
•​ Sign in with your Apple ID and password
•​ If you cannot sign in, tap on the ‘Forgot your Apple ID or password?’ and change your login details.

These fixes should work if you encounter the above-mentioned errors. If you find this post useful, don’t forget to share it.

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