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Apple iOS 14 Beta Version: All We Know so Far

We are eagerly waiting for the Apple iOS 14 release date. Everyone wants to get their software updates on their devices. The update will come with amazing new features and enhancements. However, some will get to try the new update earlier than the rest of the world.

The beta version will be released earlier for some Apple developers and some selected iPhone users. We are here to give you more details about the Apple iOS 14 beta version.

So when is the release date?

Apple is known for having a good schedule every year, quite consistent for its new software and hardware releases. This means that it is also easier to speculate on the dates for the updates. The beta testing software for the operating system was always a steady process. Developers from all around the globe are invited to their annual Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Apple will give out a presentation about their software updates at this event, and then they will make the beta version live for the attending developers. This update could be the highlight of the event. WWDC 2020 will take place in June, and the update will probably be released in mid-2020. The full version will probably hit the market over the next few months, together with iPhone 12 in Apple’s annual September event.

Specs and features

The features of the update are kept secret. Right now, we know very little about it. Rumor has it, and Apple is using a new technique in order to develop and test the iOS 14. This means that the public release will not have many bugs.

There are also some rumors that iOS 14 will come with support for every iPhone that supports iOS 13, which means that every phone after iPhone SE and iPhone 6s will come with the latest software update.



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