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Apple iPad Pro 2020 – Coolest Security Feature Yet?

The new iPad Pro is a decent step up from the previous model, as many online reviews confirmed it.

One of the main features of the new iPad Pro is the addition of multiple cameras on the rear side, which will prove extremely useful for Augmented Reality applications thanks to the built-in LiDAR scanner.

Aside from that, the hardware isn’t that different between the two, apart from the processor – An A12Z Bionic chip will power the 2020 iPad Pro.

The New Security Feature

The online community exploded after the discovery of a new safety feature that will be added to the new iPad Pro. The function used to be specific only to recent Mac laptops until now.

The safety feature physically disconnected the microphone of a Mac whenever the lid was closed. Therefore, even if some maliciously-intended person hacked its way into your Mac, they couldn’t listen to your private conversations only because it would be like you had no microphone at all for them.

You might be wondering how that can be done on a tablet. The answer is simple – Attach a compatible case.

How It Works

The case for the 15-inch MacBook Pro from 2019 onwards allows for a complete hardware disconnection.

From that point, programs that have even kernel or root privileges in macOS, and also the embedded software of the T2 chip can’t access your microphone. There was no point in doing the same thing to the camera because closing the lid would completely obstruct its field of view.

That is undoubtedly good news for those of you who are always concerned about their privacy in a world so full of smart devices that we use almost daily.

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