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Apple iPhone 12 Launch Date Latest News

Apple iPhone 12 launch date could be influenced a lot by the current coronavirus outbreak. The COVID-19 has affected people worldwide and companies, as well. Apple factories across China, for example, were forced to stop their activities. The March release event for the upcoming devices was also postponed.

Now, fans are worried about the future of the iPhone 12. The smartphone can be postponed, too, due to the coronavirus outbreak. How much should we worry about the device’s release date?

Some tech experts explained we should not stress at all. The regular iPhone 12 variant won’t be affected at all. Measures have already been taken. We’ll have to wait, however, a little bit more for the iPhone 12 5G variant as it could be postponed due to the current pandemic crisis.

Apple iPhone 12 Launch Schedule vs. the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic that has troubled small and big businesses, too. Currently, Apple still has chances to not suffer any change at all for its upcoming iPhone 12 series. The virus breakdown has forced the Apple Chinese factories to be closed all over the country. But, as some reports state, the Apple factories could test the new variants of the iPhone 12 before getting shut down.

The new iPhone 12 series are ready for a fall launch despite the coronavirus postponements, reported Bloomberg’s Debby Wu and Mark Gurman. A source, however, told Bloomberg that Apple’s supply chain is currently affected, and it doesn’t work at the average speed.

iPhone 12 5G Postponed Until November 2020

The iPhone 12 5G variants could arrive a little bit later than planned. The reason for such a postponement could be the coronavirus outbreak. Also, the dimension of 5G antennas could have made the device’s body larger. The 5G connectivity is developed utilizing the Qualcomm X55 chip for 5G support.



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