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Apple iPhones Seriously Affected by Flaw That Causes Severe Crash

Apple keeps getting well-deserved praise after the launch of the best value smartphone of this year, the iPhone SE 2. However, for millions of existing owners of the Apple mobile devices, things have been pretty bad, reportedly, but now they got worse.​

After Apple has confirmed that almost all iPhones are vulnerable to a potentially grave bug in the iOS Mail app, the tech giant has now started work to address an even more serious issue that allows anyone to severely crash your iPhone.

Serious Flaw Causing Complete Crash

First reported last week, we now know that every iPhone powered by Apple’s most recent iOS 13.4.1 operating system can be made to crash, usually completely locking up the smartphone and even performing a restore via DFU mode, if it receives a message filled with characters in the Sindhi language.

The crash can be performed by anyone who sends to another person’s iPhone a particular combination of these characters via Message or Mail. Besides smartphones, iPads, Macs, and even the Apple Watch can also be crashed.

Fortunately, the tech giant is moving rather quickly to address the issue. The official @AppleSupport has been completely involved in helping users, providing tips to protect them from a potential crash. The main tip is to turn off Mail and Message notifications because the crash is caused by the notification and not by the message itself. Apple has also been working hard because beta testers confirmed that the latest iOS 13.4.5 beta update fixes it.

A while back, there were numerous reports that urged iPhone owners not to update to the iOS 13.4.1 version of the OS, as it contained a few bugs. However, those who updated the software do not have to wait long for a fix as Apple is about to release either iOS 13.4.5 or an iOS 13.4.2 emergency update this week, which will include a patch for the serious iOS Mail flaw as well.​



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