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Apple Is Still Tracking You After You Disabled the Location Services

Apple is more on privacy these days, but a recent report has found that the latest generation of iPhones may not give users as much control as it says it does, and as much as Apple wants us to believe it does.

A recent report found out that, despite the onscreen language from the Location Services privacy policy, which tells us that we can disable Location Services at any point, Apple will still look for the location of the user when all the settings and apps have been turned off manually. The report found that the issue took place on a new iPhone 11 Pro, which ran the latest version of iOS 13. Users have also talked about this problem on various forums.

In a video about the issue, a user manually disabled Siri, Maps, and the individual System Services settings from the Location Services menu. However, he enabled the setting to show the arrow-shaped Status Bar Icon, and he left the  Location data tab enabled. Then, we went to the Control Centre and activated the Airplane Mode. When he turned the Airplane Mode off, the arrow icon made its appearance in the Status Bar, in spite of the fact that there were no apps opened, besides Settings.

The user stated that he could not dupe the issue on an iPhone 8, even if the phone was running the most recent version of iOS 13. Then, the user came to the conclusion that the issue might be related to the hardware of the iPhone 11, and it’s support for WiFi 6.

Apple’s Privacy Policy, which was last updated in August, stated that Apple might collect and use and share precise location data, including the real-time location of your Apple device or computer.




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