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Apple Launches iOS 13.5.1 Update and Blocks Jailbreaking

The software engineers from Apple are constantly updating their operating system for phones and tablets, and the 13.5.1 update just arrived. And you should consider installing it if you’re using an iPhone, because Apple recommends to all of its customers to do so.

iOS 13.5.1 provides important security updates, without revealing too much detail within the changelog. But one huge feature is that the update blocks jailbreaking. Twitter account Apple Software Updates reveals that the update will be patching out the kernel vulnerability exploited by the recent Unc0ver jailbreak.


iOS 13.5.1 is obviously available for all iOS 13-compatible devices. If you own at least an iPhone 6S or a newer model, or the 7th generation iPod touch, you’ll get the new update. You are free to install the update by a notification that will show up on your screen anytime soon. Just keep your iPhone or iPad connected to a WiFi network, and embrace the most noble virtue of all: have some patience.

The second option for how to get your hands on the 13.5.1 update for iOS is even easier: just navigate to Settings, then choose General, and ultimately hit the Software Update option.

The Unc0ver jailbreak was available on the iOS 13.5, allowing owners of the latest Apple devices to install apps belonging from outside of Apple’s App Store.

Jailbreaking an iPhone is not something too exotic, and it can be a useful measure. Some people may need some extra stuff besides the services built into their iOS. The App Store is indeed generous, but it cannot grant all wishes when it comes to its apps. Therefore, jailbreaking a phone that runs in iOS can become the only option, but it’s mandatory to know that it’s a very risky measure if you don’t know what you’re doing.



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