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Apple Reissues iOS App Updates But Nobody Knows Why

Apple has started to reissue updates it rolled out not long ago, which asks users to reinstall the latest version of some applications. However, the behavior is rather weird as no one has any idea why this happens and what purpose does it serve.

Many iPhone and iPad users have reported receiving unexpected updates, but Apple has not yet bothered to clarify why it started to roll them out.

According to The Verge team, ‘the number of unexpected updates ranged from less than twenty to nearly 100,’ with some updates going back to the beginning of this month now reappearing on the App Store.

The number of updates you’d receive may differ, depending on the number of apps you have installed on your device and how regularly you update them, but something is definitely fishy.

It Could be an Authentication Error

Why these updates are being pushed out again is not clear, but according to MacRumors, it might have something to do with a flaw that appears to be impacting applications since the release of iOS 13.5.

The bug made some apps impossible to access, with an error notification informing users: “This app is no longer shared with you.” There’s a fix to this issue, though, which makes the app work again without losing its settings and data. To address the error, simply offload the app via the settings menu, heading to the ‘General’ tab, selecting ‘iPhone Storage’ option, and reinstalling it.

As we already mentioned, we’re not sure what is causing this ‘no longer shared with you’ issue, but it implies that there’s some sort of problem with authentication or certification. It is also possible that the reissuing of app updates is intended to address this bug, but that is just a hypothesis.

However, no matter what the issue is, it doesn’t appear to be meddling with any app functionality, so installing the updates won’t do any harm.



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