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Apple to Hold a Special Ceremony to Award the Best Apps and Games of 2019

Apple will hold a special awards ceremony on the 2nd of December, in New York, and it will honor some of the most favorite apps and games of 2019.

It’s a tradition now: in early December, there’s this event that celebrates the most wanted apps of the year. Apple and Google release their lists at around this time, as well. But this is the first time we have seen these two go this way for the awards. Games and apps play a significant role in iOS and Android systems, so these events are suitable for both Apple and Google. Of course, it would be ideal for these ceremonies to become annual events, we, for sure, would not mind.

We don’t know yet which apps will be honored, but some games which made their way to the new Apple Arcade will probably be on those lists. This year, we’ve seen Apple launch the Apple TV+, that’s full of its original shows. We know that some independent developers will also be honored at this event, but Apple won’t miss its chance to steal the spotlight.  Disney+ also had its arrival this year, and it seems to be quite popular.

We found out about this event from Lance Ulanoff, the editor-in-chief from Lifewire, who posted an image of the invite on Twitter. We heard nothing from Apple, and the game is not on Apple’s events site, either. Apparently, as per a tweet, the invite came with a warning that people need to keep the news off social media for now, so perhaps this is why Apple has been silent. But that doesn’t mean that it will stay quiet for long. December 2 is really not that far, and we cannot wait to see which games and apps are on the lists for the award event.




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